1. Newspaper only: 12 months (26 issues):
12 months = £20.00 (or equivalent in other currency)*

2. Newspaper + two sets of activities/worksheets + answer keys (26 issues):
12 months = £50.00 (or equaivalent in other currency)*

(These subscriptions are individual/teacher 'print out' only. They do not include electronic (online) display/distribution.)

To buy a subscription let us know which option you want, start date, and if it should be the British or American English version.

Please send your request to:

3. School subscriptions:
Subscription price dependent on number of pupils plus access method (IP address range, individual email addresses, single user login and password).

(These subscriptions include electronic (online) display/distribution.)

Please contact us for more information:

*Prices listed above are exclusive of 20% VAT, which is added to subscribers in European Union (EU) countries.